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We pump up the revenue share to 30% in May

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online. The key is choosing the right partner. SimpleFX is a trading app that already offers one of the best programs. Start sharing their referral today, and enjoy a 30% lifetime revenue share!
Till the end of May, everybody can get a 30% revenue share. Here’s how it works. Create a guide (text, video, graphic) on how to trade with the SimpleFX WebTrader or how to use the SimpleFX affiliate dashboard, and send it to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) using the address registered at SimpleFX. Make sure your affiliate referral link is visible in the guide. T&C apply.

The easiest way to earn passive income

If you are looking for a path to establishing a passive income for yourself, affiliate marketing is the standard choice. There’s no doubt that the internet opened unlimited possibilities for individuals to make global business. With affiliate marketing, you can promote products and services through engaging content.
You can do it running:
How to choose the best affiliate program
Everybody knows affiliate marketing. The key to success is choosing the right product to promote. You should focus your efforts on a quality product, that’s growing fast, has low entry barriers for new users, and high retention rates for existing ones.
Your affiliate partner should offer you:
  1. Great product that sells
  2. High and lifetime revenue share
  3. Multilever system (you also earn a commission from your affiliates’ sales)
  4. Transparency – you get all the data to control your revenue streams
  5. Quality marketing materials – graphic and video ads, promo codes.
SimpleFX has it all. SimpleFX is a unique trading platform that has been growing organically over the last six years. We have over 240,000 active users globally in over 100 countries.

SimpleFX killer features

With SimpleFX you can buy or sell (short) virtually anything. US, European, Brazilian, Turkish or Japanese stocks, commodities, gold, silver, forex pairs as well as for cryptocurrencies.

The best trading app

Their killer feature is SimpleFX WebTrader – the leading mobile trading app. With a smooth responsive interface, it works on any device. Traders can analyze the charts and prepare their strategy on a laptop or desktop, and then make the right order at the right time anywhere with a smartphone.

Up to 1:500, no minimum deposits, multiple accounts

SimpleFX has no minimum deposits. That’s a critical feature for a trading app, as it allows you to make an unlimited profit with capped risk. Sky-high optional leverage allows traders to open a position worth $50,000 with just a $100 deposit.
SimpleFX users can use 24 different fiat currency accounts (including Turkish lira or Indian rupee), and seven cryptocurrencies, which makes it so easy to use for customers from all over the world.

Top-notch affiliate software

For the affiliates also offer one of the best conditions, which include:
Partner with the right company, share your referral links and build your affiliate network now. Don’t miss out on the opportunity, and don’t let other affiliates take over potential SimpleFX users in your country or region. Go to SimpleFX, sign up with your e-mail, and go to the “Refer friends” section. You don’t have to make any depo. Just promote the platform, and collect your revenue share with a traditional transfer or a cryptocurrency withdrawal directly to your wallet.
Till end of May everybody will get a 30% revenue share. Terms and Conditions may apply.
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